hungry shark cheats

Hungry Shark Evolution is a free online game that has been generated by the Future Games of London in 2012. It serves as the 5th installment for an aquatic adventure series called Hungry Sharks, where the main characters are created after the mighty great whites of the ocean. There are 13 marine creatures that you can currently play as in this fishing game, and each has its own mission.

The fishing game promises a lot of fun for virtual players who like solving quests. Although the sharks in the video game resemble the real ones’ huge appetite, they are meant to do more than just eat anything that is in their path. However, that your shark will die if it does not eat enough, so that should be your priority, aside from completing different assignments and earning coins and rewards.

A total of eight tasks have to be accomplished before the shark can take part in a “super mission” wherein the others can be unlocked. Along the way, you will find treasure chests that contain coins. These golds may be used to take care of baby sharks or obtain items and fish helpers that will make it easier for you to finish the mission. Remember that you can only visit the Accessory Shop once you have picked your shark, and use our hungry shark evolution cheats for free shopping.

Hungry Shark Evolution can be played via Android- or iOS-powered mobile devices. It is an arcade type of game that have provided enjoyment to millions of online users all over the world. The graphics are sharp, and the design has high quality. Because of these reasons, it has already won two awards in 2013. They are both from the TIGA Awards, where it has been a finalist for the Best Arcade Game category, and recognized as the Game of the Year.

If you have not tried this fun fishing game yet, download it from Amazon, Google Play, or iTunes now.

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